Where to Rehome Cats

There are many ways to find a new home for your cat, but you need to be aware of the right way
to do so. This includes screening potential adopters to prevent abusers from obtaining your pet.
There are several sources you can use to find a new home for your cat, but rescues are always
a good choice. You can also try networking with your friends and family to find someone who
needs a new cat.

Breed-specific rescues accept mixed breeds
There are many benefits of adopting a mixed-breed cat. These pets can be gorgeous, have
different coat types, and can be a great addition to any home. While purebred cats have better
temperaments and personality characteristics, mixed-breed cats are generally less likely to have
certain health conditions or genetic defects. Whether you adopt a mixed-breed cat depends on
the care you provide.

Because it is impossible to know which personality traits a cat will display, it is important to look
for a shelter that is specific to cats of a given breed. While kittens are adorable, they are not a
good predictor of future behavior. A shelter can summarize the personality traits of the different
breeds and allow you to make an informed decision about which one is best for you. However, if
you’re looking for an older cat, consider adopting a Siamese or Siberian.

Craigslist is safer than Petfinder
If you’re looking for a safe, secure place to rehome your cat, you should consider Craigslist.
Adoption fees on Craigslist are typically $50 to $300, depending on the size of the animal. Be
sure to add a phone number and email address. If possible, don’t give out your home address,
as it’s easy for people with bad intentions to contact you.

Having a criminal record check done on
potential adopters may help you to weed out bad people and improve the quality of the adoption.
When choosing where to advertise your cat, make sure to follow local laws. Pet stores can be
just as bad as Craigslist. Not only are you putting up your pet’s photo, but you can also be selling
stolen or injured animals. The Knoxville News Sentinel allows pet owners to post their ads for
free. The ads run for three days and can be repeated, reaching thousands of people. If you’re
selling a cat, name it Fluffy, not ‘For Sale.’ It’s best to check the animal’s veterinarian before
putting up your ad.

Municipal animal shelters
Municipal animal shelters for rehoming pets can help you find a new cat to love. These
organizations rescue homeless cats from streets and other sources and take them to vet clinics
where they can be neutered and vaccinated. You can also search for shelters by breed and
borough. Listed below are some of the most popular animal shelters in New York City. To get
involved, visit the website for more information.

The Animal Care Centers of NYC, a nonprofit organization that partners with more than 200
dedicated animal placement organizations, strives to find loving homes for homeless animals.
The organization also maintains facilities in all five boroughs and works by appointment. Animal
Haven finds loving homes for cats and dogs and also offers programs to strengthen the bond
between people and animals. It is a nonprofit organization located in Manhattan. Animal Haven
is a no-kill animal rescue in the tri-state area.

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